JSK Profile

The W Group previously known as the Wong Kwok Group, was established by the late Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Wong Kwok who is father to the Managing Director, Mr. Johnny Wong in the early 1950s. To date with more than 60 years of history, The W Group has 16 subsidiary companies and employs more than 2,000 employees. The W Group is a very established business entity in Malaysia that specializes in property development, construction, manufacturing, trading and services.

In the property development and construction sector, the group has built and delivered more than 23,842 apartment units with a nett sales value of over RM5 billion. With years of solid business foundation and corporate fundamentals, Mr. Johnny Wong felt that it was timely to bring our Malaysian bedrock values of continuous improvements in building designs, workmanship and service guarantee abroad.

Thus, as part of W Group's expansion plan to penetrate international markets, Mr. Johnny Wong formed the JSK Group of Companies. JSK Group of Companies currently has a business presence in SEA countries, China, UK, Australia, India and the Netherlands.

United Kingdom
JSK Studios, a 65-unit student apartment building located in the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom, was JSK's first foray into the UK property development market. It was completed in October 2015 and is a welcomed addition to this historic city north east of London, which is also home to Newcastle University and Northumbria University, two of the UK's most prestigious universities.

Union Tower, a 35-storey building with 165 one and two-bedroom apartments located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, is a clever combination of smart design, intelligent amenity and the ultimate mid-city location. Expected to be completed in October 2018, Union Tower will serve as a unique opportunity to balance work and living in total harmony.

JSK Group is determined to have a long-term presence in the Australian property market and is already exploring new opportunities in the prestigious suburb of Camberwell north of Melbourne's CBD where tranquil tree-lined streets and historic buildings offer a stunning background to any new development.

The 618 units apartment building is styled after Xiyu's historical architecture that pays homage to the city's Ming Dynasty roots while adding subtle touches of modern sophistication to appeal to the city's new generation of home owners.

Construction began on 18 May 2018 and upon completion, will be a milestone achievement that is a testament to JSK's solid business foundation and corporate fundamentals in delivering on projects with a sense of place and community.

International Import and Export
Wuxi Wantotik Import & Export Trading Co. Ltd is JSK's international import and export Company in China. It specializes in construction material, fruits, frozen meat and seafood.

Tapping into Sabah's potential in the tropical fruit market, JSK has extended its business ventures into fruit plantation to support rising demand in the local tourism and agriculture industries. A mixture of fruits cultivated on its 13-acre plantation includes among others durian, mangosteen and rambutan.

JSK's venture into the tourism industry is focused on its passion for the ocean with JSK Scuba and JSK Tours and Travel offering clients unforgettable underwater experiences complemented by equally exciting culture and nature experiences above water.

Hospitality Development
Having invested a considerable amount of time learning and adopting modern building technologies worldwide, JSK has returned to Malaysia to create better value properties in the hospitality industry, focusing on the construction of service apartments, resorts, hotels and capsule hotels.