JSK Profile

The W Group, previously known as the Wong Kwok Group, was established in the early 1950s by the late Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Wong Kwok who is also the father of W Group’s Managing Director, Datuk Johnny Wong P.G.D.K. With more than 60 years of history, The W Group has 16 subsidiary companies and employs more than 2,000 employees. The W Group is a strongly established business in Malaysia specializing in property development, construction, manufacturing, trading and services.

In the property development and construction sector, the group has built and delivered more than 23,842 apartment units. With years of experience in business foundation and corporate fundamentals, Datuk Johnny Wong felt that it was time to incorporate our Malaysian values and workmanship internationally, with a strong focus on continuous improvement and consistent excellence.

Thus, as part of W Group's expansion towards international markets, Datuk Johnny Wong formed the JSK Group of Companies. JSK Group of Companies currently has a business presence in SEA countries, China, UK, Australia, India and the Netherlands.

The company’s first international project was JSK Studios, a 65-unit student apartment building located in the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom, which was completed in 2015. In Australia, Union Tower, a 35-storey building located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, was completed in 2018 with 165 one- and two-bedroom apartments. This was followed soon after by another prestigious project in the suburb of Camberwell, located North of Melbourne’s CBD.

In 2018, JSK entered the China property development market with the construction of The Residence - 618 apartment units in the ancient city of Xuyi. This was followed shortly after in 2020, by another project launch of Purple Bamboo Court, a new project comprising of 1,200 apartment units.

The core of JSK’s success has been its entrepreneurial spirit and determination to rise to the challenge of any opportunity. One of JSK’s most successful endeavors is W Clay Industries, now the 5th largest manufacturer of bleaching earth in the world with factories and distribution offices in Sandakan, Port Klang and Johor in Malaysia, and internationally in China, India and the Netherlands.

JSK has also diversified its business interests into tourism and hospitality, including their latest project, JPOD Capsule Hotel located in Sadong Jaya, just minutes from Kota Kinabalu city centre. This is one of the largest capsule hotels in Asia with 300 cozy, contemporary and affordable single and double pods catered for single travellers, couples and family groups. In addition to JPOD Capsule Hotel, JSK’s upcoming Resort hotel and water theme park development at Beringgis Beach is set to offer a 4-star international hospitality and recreation experience for a fun and relaxing tropical getaway.

For water sports enthusiasts, JSK Borneo Reef, the largest pontoon in South East Asia, nestled among the islands and just a 20 minute boat ride from Kota Kinabalu, is the perfect destination to enjoy the marine marvels of the South China Sea with activities ranging from sea walking to scuba diving, snorkeling, a water theme park and an underwater observation deck.

At JSK Farm, tropical fruits grow in abundance. The Farm offers recreational amenities and an educational fruit tour, which introduces both local and foreign visitors to the wonders and flavours of Malaysian fruits. Fruits from the farm are harvested and supplied fresh to JSK Fruit Market outlets to ensure the best quality of produce for its customers.

To cater for the continuous growth of tourists in Sabah, JSK Group formed JSK Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd to provide inbound, outbound and domestic tourism services. JSK Tours and Travel has significantly grown as it continues to foster connections within the tourism industry, particularly in building its presence in China’s future tourism market.

The JSK Group of companies was formed with 3 elements in mind – JOY, SATISFACTION AND KEY. JSK holds a strong vision to provide the Key to its customers’ Joy and Satisfaction, by providing customers with the utmost quality and excellence through its projects and services.

Corporate Social Responsibility projects are an integral part of this vision and the company places it among its key goals which also include to acquire knowledge in technological advancements, explore new opportunities to establish and expand its business and employment prospects as well as to continue its focus on ongoing investment opportunities locally and internationally.